Our philosophy is that outdoor spaces should create a connection between people, the land, and its improvements – a sense of place.

Our professionals meet with you on-site and help you explore the potential of your outdoor space and create a sense of place. You may want to enhance your existing outdoor space. You may want an entire renovation. You may have a brand new space. We listen to what your vision is. We consider what your needs are. We offer our expertise.

Based on our meeting, we will prepare a design and proposal for you. You review this design and proposal. We will answer any questions you may have. We will show you plant and material samples. The design and proposal are tweaked until it reflects what you want for your outdoor space.

Once the design and proposal are final, it is time for installation.


Maybe you already have a designer. Maybe you even have a complete design master plan in place and are looking for the team to execute part of that plan. Or maybe you’ve used the design team at Homescapes, Ltd. to develop your landscape hardscape plan.

The next step is easy. To achieve a Sense of Place, simply contact us by email or phone. We think it’s a really big deal when you entrust us with your landscape. We do not take it lightly. Our passion is to create a lasting landscape that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. That can include a private garden, soft green walls that create privacy, trees for shade, color and hardscapes to create your outdoor room.

It is important to understand your needs, wants and desired use for the space.

Our Process: Installation Phase


You approve the finalized design and proposal.


We set the project start date and schedule.


We order all materials, including hardscape and plants.


Our skilled crew begins work. These are our best guys, and you’ll feel good having them work around your home.


You’ll receive regular progress reports that keep you up-to-date on the job , and of course, you’ll see your outdoor space transformed step by step.


Once the job is completed, we clean up the site and together make a final inspection


All of the elements work together in harmony to attain an outdoor space that leaves your family and friends wanting to enjoy abundant quality time in your new outdoor space.


Let the memories begin!